Pate Rides to Victory

Local rising political star, Brian Pate ran for a seat on the Town Board. Mr. Pate chose Advertising in Motion to help sweep him into office.  Mr. Pate, who also owns Pate Realty expressed his appreciation of the area’s premiere “Digital Billboard on Wheels” service:

“I was ecstatic with the service. I was running for office in Wake Forest, NC and the day before and day of the election, we ran an ad and had the truck driving around town. I must have received 50 texts, emails and phone calls with people talking about what a cool advertising idea that was. 

It was great to see the GPS tracking and data to support the expense and to show me what I was truly getting for my money. I found it to be of great value and would highly recommend Advertising In Motion!”

Brian Pate – Wake Forest Town Commissioner

Advertising in Motion was excited to read Mr. Pate’s enthusiastic comments about our services and were happy to help with the victory.  If we can help win elections, we can surely help you get new customers by building your Business’ Brand Awareness. If you’re interested in developing your own Advertising in Motion ad campaign, please contact us.

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