Frequently Asked Question

What’s Advertising in Motion all about? 

Our mission is simple: Provide affordable, outdoor advertising that gets clients noticed. We’re a locally owned “Digital Billboard on Wheels” advertising service that will help you reach the right people at the right time. With Advertising in Motion, you never pay for setup, print or change fees. We offer you the freedom to update your digital ads as often as you wish and you can use multiple messages at no additional cost.

Why should I advertise on an Ad-truck?

  • With three giant LED signs, the Ad-truck is meant to be noticed! All three sides of the truck playing your message over and over are sure to attract attention for your business.
  • Ability to draw the attention of thousands of potential clients every day; our drivers circulate on the busy area roads and where people congregate. Remember, the Ad-trucks are meant to be noticed!
  • Reinforce your business message with repetition – leads to more sales !
  • Unlimited content changes to your ad – Free! Less than 24 hr turnaround time.
  • All of our drivers are off duty, professional Firefighters. Your brand is in safe hands.

What are the hours of operation for the Ad-trucks?

Simply put, we operate  when and where you want; morning and evening rush hours, lunch times or even late nights on the weekends where large crowds are out enjoying the night.

Can I rent an Ad-truck for a single day event?

Yes, Ad-trucks can be rented by the day, or longer displaying your business or organizational message.

How often will my ad be seen?

We guarantee that your business ads will be displayed constantly when you’re riding on an Ad-truck with its three large LED signs. This means tens of thousands of potential customers will see your ads on every trip.

What type of campaigns do you offer?

We offer Exclusive Trips – you rent the entire truck.

  • Only your business ads are displayed on the routes and times you want.

What are the benefits of mobile billboards?

By combining traditional outdoor advertising with the flexibility of Internet advertising, you deliver a high-impact campaign to a target audience at the street level; your business message is displayed “where the rubber meets the road”.

How many other business ads are displayed on the signs with my ad?

Only your ad is displayed on the signs; you never share any of the signs with other businesses. In fact, all three signs will show just your ad during your Custom Trip. This gives you maximum exposure for your business.

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