Advertising in Motion’s (AiM) Ad-truck will be serving the Raleigh Area, beginning in 2014. The Ad-truck is the Triangle’s only digital video Marketing Utility Vehicle.

The all-new AiM Ad-truck harnesses the unique power of digital mobile advertising to attract and engage with targeted audiences and participants unlike anything else.

AiM’s Ad-truck starts with a purpose-built, American-made, all-aluminum truck body that transforms an American built pickup truck into a digital billboard, all purpose-marketing utility vehicle.

With over 160 cubic feet of interior cargo space, the Ad-truck can carry more equipment, product samples, and event signage than the largest SUV; and it can’t be ignored when it shows up for work. It’s designed to be noticed.

Ad-truck’s high-definition LED displays your business message on all three sides of the body. The exclusive HD video subsystems are hardened and weatherproofed to excel in the punishing conditions of outdoor use, and special Hi-Brite LED backlighting delivers excellent visibility even in bright sunlight.

Out of the ordinary…
AiM’s Ad-truck is anything but ordinary. The constantly changing digital ads are seen by thousands of motorists every day — and those ads always leave a lasting impression.